The Indispensible Guide To Drinking At America’s First Video Game Themed Bar

2. 42 Lounge is a video game-themed bar that opened last weekend in Milwaukee.

Its theme: video games. Inside, you can play games, and get loose on a variety of cocktails that pay homage to gaming history. Here is the 42 Lounge cocktail menu, annotated for your boozification.

3. Red Potion

Kraken Black Spiced Rum, Tequila and Cranberry Juice
Parched after spending hours in the Lost Woods? Drink this Red Potion to Replenish your vitality.

Refers to a healing potion in The Legend of Zelda.

5. The Domfather

Black Cherry Rum, Captain Morgan, Grenadine, Sprite and Lemonade
Dom’s favorite drink after the mowing down the Locust.

Refers to this guy, from Gears of War

7. The Drink is a Lie

A Premium Blended Cocktail for those with Discerning Taste

Refers to the now meme-famous graffiti in Portal.

9. Slow

UV Raspberry Vodka, Rose’s Blue Raspberry Mix, Sprite
It’s meant for enemies, but it’s so good you might just end up drinking it yourself.

Refers to the ubiquitous spell in Japanese role-playing games.

11. Haste

Orange Juice, Pineapple Juice, Red Bull and Grenadine
Heightens all of your senses, perfect for your designated driver.

13. Lavender Town Syndrome

Hpnotiq, Vodka, Grenadine, Sprite
Lavender Town gotcha down? This delicious cocktail will chase your blues away.

Refers to the Creepypasta about a series of child deaths supposedly caused by the haunted music in this town in Pokemon.

15. Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster

Jack Daniels, Peach Schnapps, OJ, Blue Curacao
The alcoholic equivalent of a mugging. Drink… but… very carefully.

17. LeChuck

Kracken Black Spiced Rum, Cointreau, Blood Orange Bitters
Monkey Island – evil pirate captain from Curse of Monkey Island.

Refers to, yep, the evil pirate captain from Monkey Island.

19. Dratini

Bombay Sapphire, Hpnotiq, Blue Curacao
#147 is called the mirage cocktail because so few have seen it. You won’t find this one in the tall grass, make sure to check Dragonspiral Tower.

Refers to this lil Pokemon.

21. Phoenix Down Shot

Cointreau, Tequila, OJ, Grenadine
Revives a KOed ally with 1/10 of max HP.

Refers to the resuscitation item in the Final Fantasy series.

23. Jack Ryan’s Plasmids

Triple Sec, Blue Curacao, Sour Apple Pucker
Care to take a risk by altering your genetic code? Try not to lose your mind in the process. Order one for a friend. Would you kindly?

Refers to the ability-granting drugs from the BioShock games.

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